Demo in Stockholm condemned violence against women in Iran

A protest was held in Stockholm against violence against women in Iran. Protesters also commended the hunger strikers all over the world. 

State and men's violence against women in Iran has been protested in an action in Stockholm.

The demonstration was carried out in front of the central subway station in the city center, where Kurds and their friends condemned the violence against women and expressed their support to Leyla Güven and the other hunger strikers.

Leaflets about the human rights violations in Iran were handed out to people and information about the hunger strike going on in Turkish and Kurdish prisons was also provided.  

One of the activists, Sulud Husseini, told ANF that they have carried out the action to protest the violence against women in Iran and the torture of prisoners.

Husseini stressed the importance of bringing the issue of torture against women prisoners in Iranian prisons and women's murders in Iran on the agenda of the world public opinion. 

He added: “We are celebrating the birth of our leader Abdullah Öcalan and we, the women of Eastern Kurdistan, are supporting the hunger strikers against isolation.”