DBP Women’s Assembly declares ‘all-out organization'

DBP Women’s Assembly announced the final declaration of its Amed meeting, demanded an immediate end to the isolation of Öcalan, declared ‘all-out organization,’ and called upon women to join the struggle.

Democratic Regions' Party (DBP) Women’s Assembly announced the final declaration of the meeting it held in Amed on December 18. The assembly noted that the meeting was held in a spirit of solidarity with DBP Co-president Sebahat Tuncel and other woman comrades currently in prison.


In its declaration, DBP Women’s Assembly stated that their party has been rendered dysfunctional, trustees have been appointed to DBP municipalities, and Co-mayors have been imprisoned during the political genocide operations of the AKP over the past year. The assembly described the prosecution of HDP and DBP politicians as a political coup worse than the coup of 1980, and said that the main reason for this coup is Erdoğan’s desire to establish a presidency system where there is an obedient opposition. The assembly emphasized that the AKP’s attacks on Kurdistan increased after the coup attempt of July 15, but the coup process had began after the government’s refusal to accept the election results on June 7.


DBP Women’s Assembly recalled Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s statement that ‘the resolution process is an obstacle in the way of coups, the coup mechanism will reactivate if the resolution process ends,’ and said that coups cannot be prevented without democratization. The assembly stated that coups target the peoples of Turkey, and the AKP government’s isolation of Öcalan furthers the lack of a solution. The women's assembly demanded an immediate end to the isolation of Öcalan as well as a return to the negotiation table.


DBP Women’s Assembly stated that Turkey’s domestic and foreign policies have failed and the AKP government’s insistence on war has deepened the current economical and political crisis. Emphasizing the history of authoritarianism, fundamentalism, nationalism and sexism in Turkey, the assembly criticized the oppression of freedoms and democracy, and noted that women and Kurdish people would no longer accept the status quo.


DBP Women’s Assembly stated that women that take a stance against sexist attacks and anti-democratic policies are being targeted by the patriarchal state mentality, and the attacks targeting the co-presidency and gender equality system achieved by Kurdish women require an all-out organization that will be carried out by the DBP Women’s Assembly in all cities and districts across Kurdistan. The assembly also noted that they would also stand up against the emergency decrees that take women’s jobs and freedoms away from them.


Lastly, DBP Women’s Assembly noted that the Turkish state’s war policies increased violence against women, and called upon all women to stand up for their rights and join the struggle.