Court in Mardin rejects request to arrest rapist

A Turkish court rejected a request to arrest Osman Ç, who is on trial for raping a 17-year-old niece in the Kızıltepe district of the Mardin province.

The third hearing in the lawsuit against Osman Ç., who is on trial for raping his 17-year-old nephew Z.Ç. was held at the Mardin 5th High Criminal Court. Osman Ç. is accused of “sexual abuse” against his niece, who came from Switzerland to Kızıltepe in July 2020 to visit her relatives.

Arrested after the incident but was released from prison on January 13, welcomed by crowds celebrating his release outside the prison, Osman Ç. did not attend today’s hearing although he was supposed to be present in the courtroom in accordance with a notification submitted to him. While Osman Ç.'s lawyer did not attend the hearing either, Z.Ç.'s lawyers, family and representatives of women's organizations were present in the courtroom.

The prosecutor demanded life imprisonment for the sexual abuse suspect and Z.Ç.'s lawyers requested an arrest warrant.

The court rejected the demand to arrest the rapist on the grounds that “there is no new evidence to require his arrest, evidence has been collected and there is no flight risk”.

Furthermore, the court decided to grant additional time to the lawyers of the accused and the complainant to make their defences, adjourning the hearing to December 22.