Celebration to mark March 8 in Qandil

“We are commemorating the martyrs of freedom, the martyrs of women’s freedom and we reiterate our commitment to them."

Masses gathered in Qandil region of northern Iraq, southern Kurdistan on Monday to mark March 8 International Women’s Day.

The celebration started with the reading of the written message issued by the KJK (Kurdistan Women’s Community).

The message read by Evin Zilan said; “We salute Leader Apo whose thought shaped the idea of women’s freedom. We salute the hunger strike activists, all women fighters and Peace Mothers on March 8.”

The statement added: “We are commemorating the martyrs of freedom, the martyrs of women’s freedom and we reiterate our commitment to them.

Undoubtedly there is a legacy of resistance behind March 8. This resistance has continued to this day. Women are still resisting against the dominance of the sovereign system, power, exploitation.

The State with its male mentality, law, culture wants to prevent the resistance of women. Against this, women are now combining their struggles all over the world and maximizing their efforts. Women are leading the struggle for freedom with their mind and knowledge. From Kobanê to Shengal, from Kirkuk to Maxmur they defeated DAESH fascism and opened the way to the free society.”

The statement continued: “Today, under the leadership of women, starting with DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven, women are opening the way to the free society both in prisons and in many parts of Europe and Kurdistan. We celebrate the March 8 of all resisting women."

The resistance will continue until isolation ends

Çinur Pencewini, speaking on behalf of RJAK (Free Women's Organization of Kurdistan), said: “Leader Apo has freed the slave woman and revived society. This is why he is paying the biggest price in prison. We will continue our struggle and resistance until the isolation is broken. We will free Leader Apo.”

Pencewini continued: “We must fight all together against all kinds of violence. Women in Rojava have put an end to DAESH cruelty, and we commend them."

After the statement by women's organizations, the message of Tevgera Azadi was read. Tevgera Azadi celebrated March 8 in the name of Öcalan and all resisting women.

The celebration continued with slogans, songs and dances.