At least 26 women killed in July

According to data compiled by JINNEWS, 26 women were murdered in July, 9 women and 4 children died under suspicious circumstances.

According to the data compiled by JINNEWS from the press every month, 26 women and 2 children were killed in July. In addition, 9 women and 4 children died under suspicious circumstances, and 3 escaped murder.

While 9 of the 26 women were murdered by their husbands, 4 of them were in the divorce phase.

In addition, 7 women were murdered by their boyfriends, 3 women by their sons, 2 women by their ex-husbands, 2 women  by relatives-acquaintances, one woman by her fiancee, 1 woman by a colleague.

A woman was killed by someone whose relationship with her could not be established.

JINNEWS said that “7 women were killed in Istanbul, 2 in Mersin, 2 in Ankara, 2 in Nevşehir, 2 in Manisa, 1 in Bursa, 1 in Antalya, 1 in Çorum, 1 in Mêrdîn, 1 in Samsun, 1 in Êlih (Batman), 1 in Dîlok (Antep), 1 in Sakarya, 1 in Giresun, 1 in Meleti (Malatya), 1 in İzmir.”