Şema Ednan: We'll resist Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan

Şema Ednan, a member of Tevgera Azad Association, which operates in Southern Kurdistan, said that they won’t remain silent and will oppose Turkish occupation.

The Congress of the Women's Assembly in Northern and Eastern Syria, which brought women from different peoples together, ended in Amude, Qamishlo canton.

A delegation of 13 people from South Kurdistan participated in the founding Congress of the Women's Assembly in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Şema Ednan, a member of the delegation of the Tevgera Azadi Association, drew attention to the Turkish state's invasion attacks in South Kurdistan after greeting the congress and stressed that they would resist.

Ednan said: “We salute the Congress and we believe that it will bring freedom to all four parts of Kurdistan. It was seen in this congress that the Rojava revolution was a revolution made by women. Over 5,000 ISIS mercenaries have been captured in Rojava, a success in itself. The Rojava revolution is a women's revolution, and a successful one.”

Reiterating that the people in South Kurdistan will resist Turkish occupation attempts, Ednan said: “The same attacks against Rojava are now being experienced in South Kurdistan. We hope that all the people and women here will unite and together will defeat these attacks. They should not remain silent.”

Ednan continued: “As Leader Apo says, a revolution in Kurdistan will only be achieved through a women's revolution. Basurê Kurdistan revolution will also develop with women's revolution. A revolution is necessary at this stage and a revolution will take place in unity with the female guerrillas. We hope that there will be such a revolution as soon as possible.”