915 women reported missing in Peru during Covid quarantine

From 16 March to 30 June, 915 women were reported missing in Peru, 70 percent of them minors, national authorities warned.

The head of Women's Rights at the Office of Public Defender of Peru, Eliana Revollar said on local radio that "the cases of girls and adolescents is the highest because they exceed 70 percent of the total number of missing women."

"We need to know what happened to them", the official added, as it was revealed that many of them are feared dead. Before the pandemic, as reported by the authorities, there were five disappearances per day on average but the office estimates that the figure rose to eight during the confinement period.

The official also denounced that "there is resistance from the police to investigate these cases" as is necessary to set up a national register of missing persons and many officers consider that these women left voluntarily.