5th Festival in memory of Ivana Hoffmann held in Germany

The fifth edition of the festival dedicated to German internationalist Ivana Hoffman was held in Duisburg city of Germany.

MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) fighter Ivana Hoffmann (Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş) lost her life fighting ISIS attacks in Cizirê Canton of Rojava, West Kurdistan, on 7 March.

The fifth edition of the festival dedicated to German internationalist has taken place in the German city of Duisburg.

The festival started last night with a panel discussion by Arzu Demir, Anja Flach and Deniz Boran under the motto "From Duisburg to Rojava - Long live the antifascist struggle".

Today it continued from 13.30 clock at the Duisburg central station with a demonstration on. When the demonstration began with "Jin Jiyan Azadî – Women, Life, Freedom!" slogans, the German police wanted to seize YPJ and YPG flags. The flags were nevertheless carried along the entire route.

At 3 pm, the festival's cultural program began with performances by African, German and Kurdish music groups, including Agire Jiyan, Thawra, Zynik and Duo Aryemisa. Speeches drew attention to the fight of Ivana Hoffmann and her friends.