210 female fighters join the SDF ranks

210 female recruits have completed their training at the Martyr Xanim Diyab Academy in Hesekê and joined the SDF ranks.

The training cycle named after Martyr Sozdar Dêrik provided at the Martyr Xanim Diyab Academy in Hesekê city of Cizîrê Canton has finished with 210 freshly graduated female fighters joining the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Fighters of the SDF opened the graduation ceremony with a military salute, whereafter SDF commander Sariya Evîndar underlined in the speech she held, that the training courses aim for providing the fighters with great military experience, which enables them to bring about the end of the ISIS gangs, and said: "The ISIS gangs suffer heavy blows in their stronghold Raqqa and are about to be finished by virtue of the fighters that struggle on the basis of the vision of a democratic nation, peoples' fraternity and coexistence. We vow to follow the path of our martyrs until the last drop of our blood."

Following the speech and the oath taking of the graduated recruits, the ceremony ended with songs and halay dances.

Martyr Sozdar Dêrik, after whom the training cycle was named, fell a martyr during the operations for Raqqa's liberation.