Victims of migration: “Our winter needs need to be met at once”

The refugees in the camp in Hawl voiced their complaints and said, “We are experiencing great hardship because international aid organizations don’t provide our necessities for winter.”

The victims of migration in the Hawl camp in Northern Syria’s Hesekê province stated that there are infectious diseases starting to take hold in the camp especially among children because the necessary aid is not being provided. They called on organizations to provide them with aid as soon as possible.


The victims of migration in the Hawl camp spoke about the hardships they endured in the camp last year and said, “We are lacking in basic necessities like heating and blankets. If there are severe colds like there were last year, we will be in a dire situation.”

Victim of migration Hesen Eli said, “We have only one blanket, and we use it together with my wife and children,” pointing out the hardships they are experiencing.

Eli said he tried everything he could to protect his children but they are still showing symptoms for cold related illnesses like respiratory inflammation and the flu. Eli said, “Winter is already here, but we have still not received any aid from any organizations.”

Iraqi victim of migration Emire Bekir similarly pointed out the insensitivity of aid organizations and said, “We are having a very hard time due to the cold. We are fatigued. The adults somehow manage, but the cold affects children the worst. And it is harder now because our tents are getting worn out.” Bekir called on aid organizations to provide the basic necessities as soon as possible so the children won’t be affected by bad weather any longer.


Hawl camp official Nebil Hesen spoke to ANHA about the hardships in the camp and stated that they provide aid to the camp as much as their means allow. Hesen said they held a meeting with the camp officials to address the issue and that people have received new duties in that meeting.

Nebil Hesen said, “We are trying to provide the refugees with aid as much as we can with our current means. Some institutions have taken over the task of providing wood stoves, wood, carpets, clothing and food. These supplies will be distributed to the victims soon.”