40 suspects apprehended in joint Security Operation in Heseke

The joint security operation launched by the SDF, YPJ and Internal Security Forces yesterday has been completed succesfully.

Based on their security and military duties towards our people, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in collaboration with the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and Internal Security Forces, launched a joint security and military operation yesterday, April 20th. The operation, targeting the outskirts of Heseke city, was based on intelligence gathered by security institutions regarding the activities of ISIS sleeper cells within these areas. The objective was to apprehend members of these cells, along with any suspected collaborators or individuals deemed threats to public safety.

The operation commenced swiftly and with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to the plans established based on verified intelligence provided by our security institutions. The thorough combing and search of designated locations resulted in the successful apprehension of 40 suspected ISIS sleeper cell members. Additionally, a significant quantity of weapons and ammunition was seized, according to the SDF Media Center.

“The remnants of ISIS are trying to revive the terrorist organization through their ongoing attacks on most areas of north and eastern Syria and reorganize its ranks so that they can carry out more terrorist operations. Their recent surge in activity, marked by a significant rise in attempted attacks since the beginning of 2024, underscores their intent to rebuild their ranks and orchestrate further terrorist operations. However, the success of this latest anti-ISIS operation disrupts their efforts and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the region,” SDF said and pointed out that: “Therefore, we would like to remind, once again, that the threat posed by the resurgence of ISIS continues to threaten us and the whole world, and we call on the international community to uphold its security, humanitarian, and judicial responsibilities towards our region.”

“Our Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) remain steadfast in their fight against the remnants of ISIS until eradicating them. We are committed to protecting our people from all forms of terrorist threats, and our precise and focused security operations will continue relentlessly to achieve this objective,” the SDF statement underlined.

The outcome of the Special Joint Security and Military Operation:

Apprehended Suspects: (40)

Confiscated Weapons:

Ak-47 Rifles: (9)

Hand Grenades: (1)

Walkie-talkies: (1)

Pistols: (4)

Additional Materials: A quantity of ammunition and military equipment.