Water pipes set on fire in Kobanê

Jihadists in the service of Turkey have ignited field fires in the west of the canton and set fire to water pipes. In many places, supplies are currently limited.

The annual arson season has begun in Kobanê - triggered by jihadists in the pay of Turkey. What is new is that, in addition to cultivated areas, water pipes have also been deliberately set on fire. According to the Kobanê water administration, the west of the canton currently has limited supply. The population has been called upon to handle drinking water with care. Repair work is in full swing.

Affected by the fires are the fields and water pipes in the area around the town of Şêxler, about thirty kilometers west of the city. According to available information, the attacks came from Lower Jarablus (Jarabulus Tahtani) between the city of the same name and the Euphrates River. Jarablus is located in the Turkish occupied zone and has been occupied by Turkey since 2016. In recent weeks, reconnaissance flights had been repeatedly observed over Şêxler.

Every year, Rojava suffocates in field and forest fires set by Turkish occupation forces and their jihadist allies. The targeted arson is part of the war against northern and eastern Syria and serves Turkey as a method of systematic expulsion policy and ethnic cleansing. Already during the occupation of Afrin a good two years ago, the foundation was laid to systematically destroy the economic foundations of the population.