Turkish forces and mercenaries burn fields in Shehba and Kobanê

Occupation forces set villagers’ fields on fire in Shehba and Kobanê as the Turkish army’s attacks on agricultural areas in occupied territories of North-East Syria continue.

The Turkish army and its gangs stationed in the occupied Til Malid village set fire to wheat and barley fields between Til Malid and Um Hosh villages in the Shehba region.

The local people, who are afraid of the attacks by the gangs, cannot extinguish the fire.

The invading Turkish army had bombed the village of Um Hosh yesterday.

The invading Turkish army and its gangs have also targeted the farmers' fields in the west of Kobanê. At least 100 decares of farmland was destroyed.

The occupying Turkish state and its gangs in North-East Syria have been setting agricultural land on fire each year since 2016.