Stêra Zêrîn releases new clip about the resistance in Heftanîn

Rojava music group Stêra Zêrin released a new clip called "Heftanîn, mizgîniya min" (Heftanîn, my good news).

Stêra Zêrin, made up of female artists, released a video dedicated to the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish invasion attacks in Heftanîn.

The band said that they wanted to salute the guerrilla resistance with this song. The lyrics of the song were written by Arîn Cûdî and the music was composed by Nurşîn Salih.

The video combines footage showing the artists and footages of HPG and YJA Star guerrillas resisting the Turkish invasion attacks.

The clip was first published on Med Music today and later shared on the other social networks.