Shaddadi Educational Committee repairing schools devastated by ISIS

There are 124 schools in Shaddadi where 21 thousand students receive education in primary schools and 1,500 in secondary and high schools. Two schools devastated by ISIS are being repaired now.


Shaddadi Educational Committee started a repair project for two schools previously devastated by ISIS gangs. The Committee began working to repair Ebi Qasim El-Şabî and Cirmuz schools.

Ebi Qasim El- Şabi school was built in 1990. This two-storey building hosts 16 classrooms. Cirmuz school is 10 kilometres far away to city center and three-storey hosting 20 classrooms.


Mihemed El-Cerad, the principal of Shaddadi Educational Committee, stated that repair works started for Ebi Qasim El Şabi and Cirmuz, the biggest schools of the city and said “These schools will host dozens of students. Within precautions against coronavirus, many students registered to other schools will get education in these schools. We want to decrease the number of students in schools. We will assign the teachers some responsibilities for repairing the schools.”

El-Cerad, recalling that the crisis desk had closed the schools within the precautions against coronavirus, said: “The schools in the south of Heseke lack some electronic and technological equipment. We will over those deficiencies too. We want to fulfil all needs of the schools by the time lockdowns end.”

There are 124 schools in Shaddadi. These schools are located on five separate lines as Hine, Heriri, Edle, Ebu Fas and central district. 21 thousand students receive education in primary schools and 500 thousand students in high schools.