Opinion leaders in Raqqa warn of a humanitarian crisis

Opinion leaders in Raqqa reacting to Turkey lowering the water flowing over the Euphrates River warned of an imminent serious humanitarian crisis in the region.

The occupant Turkish state maintains lowering the water of the Euphrates River within the war started against Syrian peoples. Opinion leaders and sheiks, reacting to the practices of the Turkish state, pointed out an imminent humanitarian crisis. Condemning the international community silence, opinion leaders and sheiks stated that Turkish state’s crimes must be ended.


Hisên El-Berces, opinion leader of El-Birec Tribe said: “People were not left deprived of water and food in any war in the past. Today, all of international humanitarian criterions and values are disregarded. The Turkish state has been maintaining this brutal policy for years; this is not the first. This policy mainly intends to deal a blow to the Autonomous Administration. They hesitate to face similar projects in Turkey.”


Likewise, Mihemed Tirkî El-Soan, a sheik from the El-Sebxa tribe expressed that: “A humanitarian crisis could emerge in the region. Majority of the people earn their lives by agriculture. Euphrates river feeds the economy in the region. Power plants at Euphrates region are also about to stop work. The region is rendered unable to produce power.”

El-Soan who asserted that Turkey, Russia, Iran and the Damascus Government intend to deal a blow to the Autonomous Administration, stated that each state, through different ways, attempts to clamp down on the Autonomous Administration.

Lastly, opinion leaders, addressing to the international community, demanded Turkish state’s humanity crimes to be stopped.