Council of Notables believes in MSD’s role in fulfilling Syrian people’s aspirations

The Council of Notables met with MSD co-chairs.

The Council of Notables underlined the importance of the vital role of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) in fulfilling the aspirations of the Syrian people at a meeting held with the co-chairs of the MSD.

Layla Qaraman and Mahmoud al-Mislat, co-chairs of the MSD, received a delegation from the Council of Notables in Heseke.

The visiting delegation included dignitaries and sheikhs such as Akram Mahshoush, Suleiman Chatto, and several Arab and Kurdish tribal leaders from the Council of Notables.

The delegation said the MSD’s Fourth Conference and its outcomes "were a positive and significant step for the MSD, the region, and Syria as a whole." The delegation highlighted the effective role played by the MSD on the Syrian scene.

The delegation also noted that Syrians hopefully wait for the implementation of the MSD’s strategy and national path. They view it as the best project on the ground, especially because it continues to engage with Syrian figures and components. The delegation affirmed that the MSD represents hope for Syrians, especially in light of the political impasse in Syria.

In response, the co-chairs of the MSD reaffirmed their commitment to working according to the MDC’s strategy, despite the challenges facing the Syrian issue. They said that they are determined to make the Syrian issue a priority for the international community. They also said that they are continuing to seek intra-Syrian dialogue with the cooperation and collaboration of all Syrian national powers and figures. The MSD’s goal is finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis without excluding any of the Syrian components from the political process.