Rebuilding a new life in Al-Karama

Al-Karama district, in Raqqa, was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces on 21 March 2017.

Al-Karama district, in Raqqa, is located 70 km north of the Euphrates river. 

There are three towns in the region where the historic Raqqa-Mosul road passes, Al-Hemerat, Al-Cedîdet and Al-Hews.

The people of the region where the Euphrates river guarantees fertile land live of agriculture and animal husbandry.

The Al-Karama region, was first occupied by the mercenaries of DAESH. The region put up a strong resistance since the beginning of the war in Syria. Under DAESH residents suffered all kind of inhuman attacks, rape, killing, kidnapping and torture and were forced to migrate to other areas looking for safety.

Liberation operation

The region was liberated on 18 March 2017 as part of the Fırat Gazabı Operation. DAESH mercenaries used civilians as human shields to save their lives, while the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) made their way in and finally liberated the region.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) opened a camp on 21 March 2017 for the people of the region who started to return to their liberated lands.

The people of the region, which remained in the camp for about 7 months, returned to their homes after clearing the territory of the DAESH mines.

A new life began

The people of the region began to rebuild their living areas on 5 August 2017, finally clearing the whole region from the debris of war. 

In order to serve the people in the region, the eastern and western Al-Karama assemblies, as well as the Al-Hus Council and the people's municipality were established.

In the Assembly of Al-Karama, a Social Court of Justice, the Women's House, the Youth Center, the Education Bureau and the Agriculture Bureau promptly began to work and serve the people.

"Despite the limited opportunities in our hands, we have rebuilt our living spaces with the support of the local people and young people," said Al-Karama People's Municipal co-chair Xalid Al-Xamri, to ANHA. “The region is now experiencing peace and security”, he said.


The Homeland Security Forces, under the lead of the SDF, were established to ensure safety after the liberation from the DAESH mercenaries. Homeland Security Forces executive, Mihemed El-Bircis said they were protecting the area 24 hours a day.