Missing Mardin couple beaten and taken into custody

Ibrahim and Faize Dinler have been missing since the beginning of the military operation launched in the Ömeryan region. They have been beaten and taken into custody.

As part of the military operation launched in Mardin's Ömeryan region on October 22, searches continue in rural areas. While drones continued to operate in the region, news of a couple reported as missing came through. İbrahim (73) and Faize (72) Dinler, who live in the rural neighbourhood of Qurdîsê (Yardere) have not been seen since 22 October. It has been disclosed that the couple has been taken into custody.

The villagers said that the Dinlers’ house was raided on the first day of the operation and they heard shouting. The villagers added that the couple were beaten and then taken out of the house handcuffed.

Villagers said the couple were taken away in an armoured vehicle.

On the other hand, after the news spread, the children of the Dinlers were also searched by the Gendarmerie. They were then told that their parents had been taken into custody.