Kurds in Europe to protest Germany in 8 countries

Demonstrations will be held in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands and Canada against German government’s policies targeting Kurds and their support for the Turkish state.

KCDK-E will be holding demonstrations against the German government’s criminalisation policies, lawsuits and arrests against the Kurdish people and overlooking the massacres of the Turkish state.

A written statement issued by the European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (KCDK-E) states: “We as the KCDK-E condemn the German government’s criminalisation policies, lawsuits and arrests against the Kurdish people and their legitimization of the massacres of the Turkish state in Kurdistan by overlooking and empowering. We are obliged to stress once more that these are clear attacks on the rightful struggle of the Kurdish people.”


The statement points out that the German state has arrested 11 Kurdish politicians who have political asylum due to the denialist and massacrist policies of the Turkish state and continues: “These absolutely arbitrary arrests are the result of the German government’s dirty political ties. There is no basis in law for these arrests. With these arrests, the German government has increased their pressure on the events Kurds hold, like marches, rallies and festivals. They are thus giving support to the Turkish state’s Kurdish massacre policies and causing the AKP government to be even more reckless.”

The statement points out that Germany had banned PKK’s activities in 1993 due to economic and political ties with Turkey and continues:

“By banning the PKK, who fight ISIS and are the savior of different identities and faiths in the Middle East, the German government empowers AKP. This pressure based on a political decision is unlawful and arbitrary. The goal of this pressure is to criminalize the Kurds. These practices are harming the German democracy, the democratic solution of the Kurdish issue and the possibility of a peace in the Middle East.”

The statement says the biased and wrong policies of the German government will be protested and the demands would be listed for the government and calls on Kurds and their friends to attend the demonstrations.


The statement lists the demands as:

“The German government should stop the anti-Kurdish attacks parallel with the Turkish state. They should be conscious and critical of the massacres against the Kurds.

Germany’s 20-year long political ban on the PKK should be lifted, with all repercussions.

Kurdish political prisoners should be released. The lawsuits against Kurdish politicians should be dropped, investigations closed.

The unlawful practices of intelligence agencies that seek to make spies out of Kurdish youth should stop.

The administrative practices/fines occurring due to the residency law should be removed in Baden Württemberg state and all of Germany.”


KCDK-E has listed the date and place information on the demonstrations as such:

June 30

Switzerland, Zurich

Place: In front of the German Embassy

Time: 16.00


Switzerland, Bern

Place: Casino Platz

Time: 15.00


July 1

UK, London

Place: Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, 23 Belgrava Square/ Chesham Place London SW1X8PZ

Time: 13.00


Germany, Berlin

Place: Watch in front of the Federal Germany Parliament, 3 days a week, until September 1st

Time: 15.00


France, Paris

Place: In front of the Federal Germany Embassy

Time: 13.30


Sweden, Stockholm

Place: In front of Germany Embassy

Time: 13.00


Austria, Vienna

Place: Gauermanngasse 2, 1010 Wien

Time: 10.00


The Netherlands, Den Haag

Place: In front of the German Embassy (Groot Hertoginnelaan 9)

Time: 18.00


The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Place: In front of the German Embassy (Hoonthorstraat 36)

Time: 12.00


July 4

Canada, Toronto

Place: In front of the German Embassy (2 Bloor St East Toronto)

Time: 13.00


There will be demonstrations in July 1st between 11.00-13.00 hours in Greece, Japan and Australia.