KCDK-E: Turkish invasion takes place with Western approval

The Kurdish European Confederation KCDK-E pointed out that the new invasion and annexation aggression of the Turkish army in Southern Kurdistan is coordinated with the USA and Europe. For the Kurdish people it is a question of existence, the association s

The Turkish army launched an air and ground operation in the guerrilla areas of Metina and Avashin last night, and the area of operations was expanded to the Zap region today. The Kurdish Democratic Social Congress Europe (KCDK-E) pointed out that the invasion in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) is coordinated with the United States and Europe. A statement released by the association today said:

"The Turkish occupying army is carrying out intensive bombardments from the air and on the ground, and civilian areas are also being bombed. Without distinguishing between civilians and guerrillas, the Turkish state wants to perpetrate a Kurdish genocide. The attack aims at annexation and happens with the consent of the USA as well as Europe and international powers. The Kurdish people's ideas of a free Kurdistan are intended to be destroyed by this attack."

For the Kurdish people it is a question of existence, explains the KCDK-E and calls for immediate protests: "To denounce the hypocritical attitude of the USA and Europe, the Kurdish people must mobilize. We must rise up everywhere and take to the streets to denounce the fascist Turkish regime and dictator Erdogan for their war crimes and goal of occupation and annexation. As KCDK-E, we call on the Kurdish people to defend their country and all revolutionary and democratic people in Europe and around the world to join street protests against this invasion and annexation aggression."