Historic resistance to invasion on Zendura hill

The Turkish army has suffered a heavy defeat in its attempt to capture the Zendura hill in Metina region of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

The Zendura hill which has an altitude of 2 thousand meters is located in the Metina region, also known as Berwarî. The hill borders Northern Kurdistan from the north, Heftanin from the west, Garê from the south, and Zap from the east. The region, famous for its plateaus, is one of the popular places for nomadic people because of the thousands of herbs that grow in its fertile soil.

For years numerous large-scale military activities have been carried out in the region, which is protected by the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas. With their limited resources, guerrillas have hollowed out the mountain like ants, dug tunnels and eventually turned it into a veritable guerrilla stronghold.

Guerrillas go on counterattack

Since the Turkish military began its invasion of the region on April 23, the Turkish troops have been trying to gain a foothold in the region. In response, guerrillas launched the revolutionary offensive Cenga Xabûr. The Turkish assault began with heavy airstrikes on the Zendura, Derar and Koordine hills. During the night, the army attempted to drop troops from helicopters on all three hills. The guerrillas went on counterattack and foiled the attempts.

Turkish army stuck

The Turkish army failed with every attempt to airdrop troops. As a result, it had no choice but to airdrop units directly on the Turkish border. These troops tried to advance but fell into traps and were subject to sabotage assaults. Every step led to the detonation of booby traps. They were completely pinned down. Zendura became a veritable hell for the invading troops. Afterwards, fighter jets were used again, set to clear the way for the ground troops. The attack lasted for hours, but it brought nothing. The occupation forces could neither advance nor achieve any other success worth mentioning.

Modern guerrilla warfare

However, guerrillas did not only welcome the army with booby traps and remotely detonated explosive devices. They infiltrated the enemy positions and carried out assaults and assassinations, clearly demonstrating the guerrillas' new war tactics. Turkish soldiers were attacked, one by one, by well-trained guerrilla forces spread all along the front.

Many soldiers fled in panic and got lost in the terrain. Some units faced infiltration at night, some became targets of snipers or booby traps. There is information that many soldiers on the war front disobeyed their commanders at the last minute and resigned. Looking at the results of the first five days of the war, it is clear that the Turkish army is acting sluggishly. Guerrillas will undoubtedly inflict defeat on this army. The resistance of Zendura will go down in history as part of it.