Karayilan: "Guerrillas writing a new history in Kurdistan”

"From our point of view, the resistance so far is a success, but no one should fall into victory drunkenness now. This was only the beginning," guerrilla commander Murat Karayilan said about the course of the Turkish invasion in South Kurdistan.

Murat Karayilan, commander of the People's Defense Center (HSM), addressed all guerrilla units in the Metina, Avashin and Zap regions via radio on May 1. In his speech, he described the resistance against the Turkish army's invasion of southern Kurdistan, launched on April 23, as a struggle of historic importance at a strategically important stage. The aim of the invasion, he said, was to expel the guerrillas from the Medya Defense Zones. The Turkish state, he said, wants to establish a buffer zone there and use the occupation to gain control over the Kurdish people's gains. This also poses a great danger and threat to the Arab and other peoples of the region, he noted.

"The war is taking place in the mountains at the moment, but its outcome will affect Turkey and the entire region. For the AKP/MHP government, its existence and future are at stake. Therefore, the battle in Metina, Avashin and Zap is also a fight for democracy in Turkey. The future of the forces fighting for freedom and democracy also depends on this war. Our comrades are aware of this. They know that it is not just about defending an area. It is about the future and existence of our people. That is why we want to win this struggle. As a movement, we must take risks and be willing to sacrifice. All comrades must know that this is what we have decided. This war does not require a tactical approach, but a strategic one. Since the enemy is currently weak, we have opportunities that we can take advantage of," Karayilan said in his address to the guerrilla forces.

Commenting on the course of the resistance over the past eight days, the HSM commander said that important results have been achieved so far: "This resistance has been created with great courage and dedication and a high level of sacrifice. At the moment, this spirit is shaping the comrades in all positions, tunnels and under every tree. We know and feel this. We know that great commitment is being shown. That is why the enemy, despite their technical capabilities, has not achieved a result for eight days. They boast that they are the second largest NATO army. Not only its own soldiers are deployed, but also jihadists from Syria. The enemy is using all the means at its disposal. Nevertheless, we have seen how the guerrillas have responded and prevented the Turkish state from achieving its goal.

According to the available reports, four of our heroic comrades have fallen so far: Heval Çiyager, Dilşêr, Ekin and Asya. I remember them with respect. The guerrillas have made all air and ground attacks of the enemy come to nothing. As per the reports, over 120 enemy soldiers have been killed so far and two helicopters have also been shot. This is an immense result. Now it is a matter of drawing our own conclusions from the resistance of the past eight days. What were our weaknesses in this? We have to recognize them and move accordingly.

From our point of view, the resistance so far is a success, but no one should now fall into a drunkenness of victory. This was only the beginning. The enemy is not handling this in the usual way either. Therefore, we must proceed very cautiously. We must not underestimate the enemy, but also not make it bigger than it is. It has been meeting guerrilla resistance every hour and every minute for days. In this way, we will inflict a defeat on it. Nowhere must it be offered an opportunity for cheap success.

A modern guerrilla struggle is taking place in Kurdistan today that can become a model for the world. The Şehîd Delal Air Defense Forces have twice dealt blows to the Turkish state in Kanî Masî. In addition, the Bedran Gundikremo unit struck the Turkish forces in Sheladize twice, destroying two tanks and killing several soldiers. These two actions are a warning. These occupying forces, which were previously stationed in southern Kurdistan, have been warned not to participate in the current war. If they do so anyway, they will be targeted by our units everywhere. We have the means to do so. We assume that our message has been received.

We are convinced that all our comrades are aware of the importance of the current time. They know their responsibilities and where to proceed and how to take the initiative. As the command of the People's Defense Center, we congratulate all those who are participating in the offensive for a free life with Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] in a free Kurdistan. They all have to defend themselves and their companions and must not give any opportunity to the enemy. History is being written in the Zagros Mountains, a new history is being rewritten in Kurdistan. We believe in victory and wish all comrades success in this historic struggle."