Guerrillas: War should not be limited to mountains, uprisings should spread everywhere

The guerrillas in Garê said: “The war should spread everywhere; it should not be limited to the mountains. Everyone must play his/her part. Our youth living in cities and metropolises should take action.”

On 23 April, the Turkish army made a new attempt to occupy the Medya Defense Areas. Since then, the army has used thousands of soldiers, helicopters and fighter planes to penetrate the guerrilla-controlled southern Kurdish areas. In this ANF conversation, guerrillas from the People's Defense Forces (HPG) speak about the resistance.

Guerrilla Botan Agir said: “The enemy is waging a technology-based war and is trying to destroy the guerrillas. The guerrillas are taking effective action, but clearly the Turkish state is keeping silent about these actions. There are currently effective actions carried out by the guerrillas in Zap, Metina and Avashin. It is a fact that with their new war tactics, the guerrillas are leveraging the enemy's technology. The enemy was defeated again and again in Zap and we are convinced that it will be the same this time.

Guerrilla Botan Agir continued: "War must spread everywhere, it should not be limited to the mountains. Everyone must play his/her part. Effective actions must take place against the enemy. As HPG guerrillas, we will be shields against the enemy forces in the mountains. As self-sacrificing guerrillas, we will always oppose the invasion operations. We will fight to the last drop of our blood. As long as we exist in these mountains, as long as Abdullah Öcalan ideas exist, the Turkish state will never be successful. Our young people, who live in cities and metropolises, should become active and organise Serhildan (uprising)."

Guerrilla Botan Silêmanî warned that the Turkish state is planning to carry out a new genocide and added: “Our resistance and our success are based on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. The prison resistance [the hunger strike carried out by prisoners for 158 days] increases the morale of our resistance. The modern guerrilla had already destroyed the dreams of the Turkish state. The regime failed to achieve its desired results. Now it is experiencing the same thing against the resistance of the guerrillas in Zap, Metina and Zagros. Our friends oppose the enemy's attempt to invade the mountains of Kurdistan and won’t leave an inch of the land to the occupiers. As long as there is even one member of the Kurdish freedom guerrilla in these mountains, the Turkish state will not be able to occupy Kurdistan. With the PKK and the apoist resistance, we have shown this time and time again. We will fight to the last drop of our blood to destroy the enemy."