HDP: Cross-border operations are no solution

The HDP criticized Turkey's governments for repeating the same mistake for 38 years, saying that none of the cross-border military operations in the past decades has led to a solution which is only possible through negotiations.

In a statement on the Turkish army's invasion of the guerrilla areas of Zap, Avashin and Metina in southern Kurdistan launched on April 23, the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Executive Committee pointed out that all cross-border military operations in the past 38 years have been fruitless. A solution, it said, is only possible through dialogue and negotiations.

"Turkey has been conducting air and ground operations for supposed 'border security' on the territory of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq since 1983 until today. It is obvious that these cross-border operations, which have become systematic, serve no other cause than to expand the war and combat operations. Despite the lack of results for 38 years, the persistence on this issue continues," stated the HDP.

The same mistake for 38 years

HDP said that the war claimed high casualties and had been repeatedly misused by the governments of the past decades to maintain their own power. This also applies to the current government, which is repeating the same mistake. The population in the affected areas in Kurdistan Region demand the end of the military operation, the party noted.

The statement continued, "Border security is cited as the reason for the military operations. However, the real reason is the way of thinking with which the Kurdish question and the political alternatives are disregarded and which insists on conflict based on a security policy. By ignoring political alternatives, a solution is made impossible. In a country that is in the midst of an economic, social and political crisis, where there is not enough food, work and vaccine, and where suicides are committed every day due to unemployment, economic resources are flowing into war and armaments."

Where is the $128 billion that disappeared?

The HDP explained that the government always relies on military operations abroad when it is under pressure in domestic and foreign policy: "When the president of the Central Bank answered the question about the disappeared $128 billion by saying that 'our war planes do not fly for free,' he confessed something that is actually well-known. The government is exacerbating all forms of the crisis by insisting on its security and war policies.

We emphasize once again that this policy does not contribute to a political solution and that the only right way is a dialogue and negotiations conducted on a peaceful and democratic basis. As HDP, we reiterate our call for dialogue and invite the public including all institutions and organizations to be sensitive on this issue."