Guerrillas Cejna and Tolhildan commemorated in Berlin

Guerrillas Edessa Cejna and Dijwar Tolhildan were commemorated with an event held in Berlin DKTM.

A commemoration event was held in Berlin for commander Edessa Cejna (Ece Yılmaz), who fell a martyr in Dersim on 14 October 2023, and guerrilla Dijwar Tolhildan (Mustafa Yalçınkaya), who fell as a martyr in Garê on 2 March 2022.

The commemoration organized by DEST-DAN Women's Assembly and the Assembly of Free Kurds (Nav-Berlin) at the Democratic Kurdish Community Center started with a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs of Kurdistan in the persons of Edessa Cejna and Dijwar Tolhildan.

Nav-Berlin co-chair Nursel Yıldız said: “Until our leadership is free, and we can live freely in our lands, we will have martyrs. For this reason, no matter what, we will continue our struggle until we realize the dreams of our martyrs and ensure the physical freedom of our Leader."

Nav-Berlin Martyrs' Families Commission member Dayê Gozê, Mehmet Koçer and politician Muharrem Aral made a speech on behalf of the family of Martyr Edessa Cejna.

Dayê Goze said that everyone who has fought for the freedom of their country and land has paid the price and added: "We are shedding our blood for our own country and free land. For this reason, no matter what happens, we will follow in the footsteps of our martyrs everywhere."

Mehmet Koçer said: "The martyrs are our martyrs. They are the martyrs of Kurdistan, and of the freedom struggle."

Politician Muharrem Aral said: "It is necessary to understand why our comrades who were in search of freedom gave their lives for the struggle. In order to understand this, it is necessary to know the PKK reality well."