German MP: The US wants the war in Kurdistan to deepen

Speaking about the Washington administration putting a bounty on three leaders of the PKK, German Left Party MP Ulla Jelpke said: “The US wants the war between Turkey and the PKK to deepen.”

The Washington administration last week put a bounty on three senior leaders of the Kurdish freedom movement, Cemil Bayık, Murat Karayılan and Duran Kalkan. Kurds and their allies have been taking to the streets and protesting against the decision all around the world since.

German Federal Parliament Left Party (Die Linke) MP Ulla Jelpke spoke to ANF about the US decision and pointed out that with this decision, the Trump administration declared that it stood by the Turkish state.

Remarking that the US administration did not want to mediate between the PKK and Turkey during the peace process, Ulla Jelpke said; “And now, just like in the Wild West, they put a bounty on the leading figures of Kurdish Freedom Movement and issue arrest warrants for them. This means wanting the war in Kurdistan to continue and deepen.”

The German MP added; “With this decision, we have seen that the US alliance with the YPG in Syria is only tactical, and that the US is not a friend of the Kurds and other oppressed peoples. We are faced with a merciless and egoist imperialist ruling that is only after its interests in the Middle East.”