Freedom Shall Prevail, a graphic novel to celebrate Abdullah Öcalan's birthday

Freedom Shall Prevail: The Struggle of Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish People is a graphic novel published today to mark Abdullah Öcalan's birthday.

Freedom Shall Prevail: The Struggle of Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish People is the first graphic novel to explore the life and struggle of Abdullah Öcalan.

The book will be first published in German, Kurdish and Turkish today to mark Öcalan’s 75th birthday. A gala will take place in Berlin. Reimar Heider, who translated many books of Kurdish People's Leader Öcalan into German, politician Hatip Dicle, Estella Schmid, comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson, politician Jörn Essig-Gutschmidt, politician Dilek Öcalan, Andrej Grubacic, Meyman publishing house representative Hasan Kanireş, Sinn Féin European representative Martina Anderson, Paul Kavanagh and artist Rotinda will take part in the book launch.

The English version of the book can be preordered here both as a paperback and as an e-book.

The book is written by Sean Michael Wilson, an award-winning graphic novelist from Scotland who lives in Japan, and illustrated by Keko, a Kurdish graphic artist who lives in Spain.

Paul Buhle, professor and comics historian, said: "A timely and important graphic novel, scripted by veteran Sean Michael Wilson and wonderfully illustrated by Kurdish artist Keko, captures the life and importance of one of the most intriguing figures on the world stage. From Marxist and anarchist, leader and martyr to persecution. Öcalan is seen here across his life. This is a fine and revealing work about the Kurds, the Middle East, and the struggles before us."