Four thousand children attend school in Raqqa

As the return of residents and reconstruction continues in Raqqa following the liberation of the city by Syrian Democratic Forces, the number of children attending school has reached four thousand.

Life returns to normal in Raqqa city which was liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from ISIS in late October, ending four-year ISIS rule in the city. More people are returning home as mine clearing efforts continue and a new life is beginning in the city amid a revival of markets and industrial zones.

The Education Committee under Raqqa Civil Council opened the doors of the first school in the city, in Al-Mashleb neighbourhood on November 27. More than eight hundred children started Wehde School after Al-the neighbourhood was cleared of mines and booby traps.

With the growing number of residents returning to their homes, the need for schools for children has also increased. Currently, four thousand children are attending classes in schools that have been made ready for education after clearance of mines and debris.

As education continues in the opened schools, Education Committee’s preparations are underway at the moment for the opening of al-Intifada, al-Khwarizmi, Ismail Baqer, Rebîa al-Raqî, al-Buhturî and al-Rafîqa schools in the city.

Education Committee member Abdullah al-Hassan said they have started renovation efforts for the schools in the face of the growing number of students. He added that they distributed fuel to schools that are providing service to the children of Raqqa.