Erdoğan is the pinnacle of fascism

The AKP government’s oppression and attacks have gone off the rails so bad that even AKP members are in protest. Because Tayyip Erdoğan is the pinnacle of fascist leadership.

Turkey is not like any other country in the world. It is a state of special war, and this special war aims for a Kurdish genocide. As a Kurdish genocide can’t be implemented openly, special war methods come into play. And special war means distortion and covert practices. Turkey, as a covert fascist state of 94 years, has attempted all psychological war and special war methods. The AKP government has been the one to push the special war over the top, adding the disguise of religion to the Turkish Republic’s arsenal of special war methods for a Kurdish genocide. They have used the Kurdish people’s religious sentiment to cover up the Kurdish genocide.

The AKP government wanted to complete the Kurdish genocide through an abuse of religion, and resorted to openly fascist methods when that failed. Such that they have employed methods not even used by the September 12 fascism. Because during the coup of September 12, 1980, the Kurdish people were not this organized. The Kurdish Freedom Movement’s base wasn’t as widespread. That is why the community was only targeted in areas where the PKK was focused on. But now, all the peoples of Kurdistan and all of Turkey’s metropolitan cities are under intense oppression. To be able to continue with the oppression of the Kurdish people, the pressure has been reflected on the peoples of Turkey as well. Bent on disallowing the tiniest bit of relief to the Kurds, the state has pressured the peoples of Turkey, democrats and socialists intensely as well. On the other hand, as all societal groups outside of their own cohorts are excluded, it’s not just the Kurds who object, but all of the peoples of Turkey.

In the past, fascism was mostly put to practice in Kurdistan. The implementation in the West would be a bit softer to hide away the fascism and genocide implemented in Kurdistan. But the awakening and organization of the Kurds, and the development of the struggle, forced them to spread fascism throughout Turkey.

The oppression is so intense that even the CHP, which acts as a crutch for the AKP government, has called Tayyip Erdoğan a fascist dictator. When CHP Spokesperson Bülent Tezcan called Tayyip Erdoğan fascist, the AKP lost it. They started to scream and shout, and say their chief can’t be called a fascist. This ruckus alone is an admission of a fact. They make so much noise because they don’t want their true nature exposed. Actually, we have written countless times that Tayyip Erdoğan is a fascist the likes of whom haven’t been seen before throughout the world. We said he left Hitler in the dust. This fascism has reached such levels that Bülent Tezcan has called it out. He added fascism to the concept of dictator that Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu uses on the regular. It’s not just us, the whole world has been saying for years that Tayyip Erdoğan is a fascist leader. Especially in the last three years or so, worldwide press has dealt with this issue more than enough. The whole world knows that on top of his fascist character, he has supported vile gangs like ISIS and Al Nusra. Tayyip Erdoğan has become the fascist extra in caricatures all through the world.

The whole world calls Tayyip Erdoğan fascist, so why such a big reaction to the CHP doing the same? Because when the crutch-CHP calls him a fascist, he can no longer disguise his true face. With the violent reaction, the AKP is asking the CHP, “Et tu, Brute?” They see this as treason. Because it’s the people who acted as a crutch for them that says this.

The most dangerous fascism is fascism with its face hidden. The Turkish state has been a covert and institutionally fascist country for 94 years. After the AKP rose to power, fascism became even more obfuscated. But as the resistance against the AKP government reached new levels in the last 3 years, the oppression was increased, and they can no longer hide their true face. That, all in all, has been good for the peoples of Turkey, because the most dangerous fascism is the covert and disguised fascism. There is both a fascist attack in progress, and it is hidden. And the AKP government is now furious because they have failed to accomplish this. When it was the CHP that spoke this truth, their fury only grew.

The AKP’s Minister of Justice (who has nothing to do with justice) said, “You couldn’t say these things if Turkey was in fact fascistic.” As if those who called the AKP fascist, those who resisted are freely engaged in politics right now! All who resist AKP’s fascism are thrown into dungeons. Turkey has broken record after record for arrests and oppression. Whatever happens in fascist countries has been happening during the AKP rule in full, and then some. No dissenters, no objectors, no critics are left alone outside. It is true that there are still people not in prison, and sometimes they do speak out. That is done to “prove” that they are not a fascist country. But try as they may, they can’t hide their fascistic face. Any slight opposition brings out their fascist face. As such, the reaction for Bülent Tezcan calling Erdoğan fascist is proof for an open and clear fascism.

One would assume that for the AKP, they would only be fascist if they murdered hundreds of people every day. The AKP thinks, “We don’t kill, we arrest”, and try to prove that they are not fascists. In fact, years ago, some AKP members did tell Kurds that they should be grateful that the AKP doesn’t kill people like in the 1990’s, only imprisons them. They have brought a new aspect to covert and disguised fascism. But the AKP government’s fascist oppression and attacks have gone off the rails so bad that even AKP members are in protest. Every speech given by Tayyip Erdoğan has the patterns and tone of a fascist chief. If Tayyip Erdoğan isn’t fascist, then it is not possible to see another fascist leader in the world any more. Because Tayyip Erdoğan is the pinnacle of fascist leadership.