Autonomous Administration delegation meets with Austrian MP

A delegation from the Autonomous Administration met with Green Party MP Ewa Ernst in Austria.

Northern and Eastern Syrian Democratic Autonomous Administration European Representative Ebdulkerim Omer, PYD Foreign Relations Officer Mizgîn Ehmed and Austrian Autonomous Administration Representative Arî Melan had a meeting with Green Party MP Eva Ernst in Austria.

During the meeting, the developments in Syria and the Northern and Eastern Syrian regions were discussed, as well as humanitarian, political, economic and security obstacles to the region.

Pointing out that the Turkish state has increased its attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria at a time when the international community is focused on the war in Gaza, the Autonomous Administration delegation stated that power plants, water and gas stations, civil institutions, service centers were targeted by drones. 8 citizens were killed in the attack on the Simav Printing House.

Representatives of the delegation stated that the attacks of Iranian militia forces against the International Coalition and Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) bases threaten the security in the region and said: “Increasing ISIS attacks on the region show us that ISIS is taking advantage of the security weaknesses of the region. If international forces want to prevent migration and continue the fight against terrorism, they must fulfill their responsibilities. Humanitarian, political, military, etc. It should support the Autonomous Administration on issues.”

Stating that the Turkish state aims to establish a military zone in Syria and that this is against international laws, Eva Ernst said: “Although the Turkish state is a member of NATO, it acts on its own. It is trying to block all aid to the region. It causes the problems in the region to deepen and the reconstruction efforts of the region to be inconclusive.”

Ernst added: “We in the Green Party want the UN to condemn the Turkish state for its attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria. The attacks pose a threat to the security of the region, cause people to migrate and prevent the humanitarian crisis from ending. I call on the UN to stop the Turkish state's attacks on the region."