Ahmet Türk: The Justice March should turn into a united struggle

Ahmet Türk stated that the ustice March is a valuable initiative and needs to be followed with a fervency appealing to for 80 million people. Türk said they hope this initiative would turn into a united struggle.

Kurdish politician and former Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayor Ahmet Türk spoke to ANF as a member of the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) delegation joining the 'Justice March'.

Türk called the march a 'valuable step' and expressed his hope that this initiative would turn into a united struggle for 80 million people. He stated that the demand for justice will come into further prominence once it unites with all the oppressed ones.


Ahmet Türk pointed out that the march initiated a new phase and said this process should be carried to the point of embracing all the oppressed.

Remarking that the biggest injustice within the state's boundaries is inflicted upon the Kurdish people, Türk continued: “Those who suffered from injustice the most are the Kurdish people, our people. We therefore attach great importance to justice and we have given support to this march for this reason.We want that the demand for justice involves every single person without any exception.”

Ahmet Türk expressed his belief that such a bridge of justice will be built in the course of time.