Activists in Marseille protest deportation to Turkey of activist Serhat Gültekin

Kurds and French activists protested the deportation to Turkey of activist Serhat Gültekin.

Kurdish activist Serhat Gültekin, who requested political asylum in France and was subject to signature as of December 2023, was detained by the police while he was going to sign on 10 April and was handed over to Turkey. In two weeks, three young Kurdish people were handed over to Turkey by the French government.

Activists gathered in Marseille's Canabiere Square and started their protest after a minute’s silence for the Kurdistan Freedom Martyrs.

Marseille Democratic Kurdish Community Assembly co-chair Enes Karlıova said: "We would like to remind the French state, which handed over the Kurdish young people who escaped from the Turkish state fascism and took refuge in Europe to Turkey, that thousands of Kurds saved humanity by fighting against the barbaric ISIS that threatened you. And now you are handing over the Kurds to Turkey? Where is your defense of freedom, where is your democracy?"

The statement made on behalf of the Kurdish institutions in France, said: "Turkey is a dictatorial state in the hands of Erdoğan. How can you hand over heroic Kurdish youth to a state that kills Kurds, forces them into exile, and collaborates with ISIS? France should immediately give up this crime, this mistake."

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Salih Xinûs said: "Will France defend the Kurdish people who paid so much price, or will it protect ISIS chief Erdoğan?"

The action ended with a call to participate in the sit-in to be held in Strasbourg on 15 April.