Activists in Bremen and Oslo protest the war crimes committed by the Turkish state

Protests were held in Bremen and Oslo against the Turkish state that committed war crimes. Activists also protested the countries that condoned the use of chemicals as partners in crime.

The use of chemical gas by the Turkish state against freedom guerrillas in South Kurdistan was protested in many cities of Europe. One of the actions was held in the German city of Bremen, the other protest was held in Oslo.


A large crowd gathered in front of the Bremen central train station on Tuesday evening to protest the use of chemical gas by the fascist Turkish state. Activists said that the state should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Activists said that countries that remain silent about the actions of the Turkish state will go down in history as partners in crime.

Activists underlined that the people of Kurdistan will continue to stand against all efforts to justify the Turkish state and its crimes against humanity.


In Oslo, an action was held in front of the parliament to protest the use of chemical gas by the Turkish state.

Kurds and their friends urged the Norwegian government, the UN and NATO to "take action" against the use of chemical gas by the Turkish state. Activists said that "something should be done to stop the Turkish state's warplanes attacking the Kurdish people, especially the Kurdish guerrillas, and the destruction of the nature of Kurdistan."

Kurdish politician and writer Celalettin Delibaş told ANF: "Today, the war continues in four parts and this war is the continuation of the international conspiracy. This war is carried out by those who supported the Imrali system."

Delibaş added: "Using chemicals is a war crime, a crime against humanity. The whole world should take a stand and oppose this crime."