YJA Star: The first shot brought hope and courage

YJA Star has published a message of greeting on the anniversary of the PKK's initiation of an armed struggle for liberation.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fired the first bullet against the Turkish army on this day 34 years ago.

A 36-strong guerrilla unit, led by the legendary commander Mahsum Korkmaz - also known with his nom de Guerre Egid ("the brave") – carried out on 15 August 1984, the first armed action against the Turkish occupying forces. For the action, which is regarded as the beginning of the armed liberation struggle, a barracks of the military police had been selected. A guard soldier and an officer were killed, there were no losses in the guerrilla.

The founding declaration of the HRK (Kurdistan Liberation Forces, Hêzên Rizgarîya Kurdistan) was then read out over the loudspeaker of a mosque. In the leaflet of the " Kurdistan Liberation Forces," as the guerrillas called themselves in the early years of the armed struggle, based on the "Vietnam Liberation Army" formed at the beginning of the Vietnamese freedom struggle, it said: "The HRK is pursuing the goal of leading our people’s fight for national independence, a democratic society, freedom and unity under the leadership of the PKK against imperialism, Turkish colonial fascism and their native lackeys in an armed manner."

YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops, Yekîtîya Jinên Azad) Central Headquarters Command released a statement marking the anniversary of the start of the armed struggle. The statement stressed that the first action on August 15, 1984 brought new hope and courage in the hearts of the Kurds and other peoples.

Full text of the YJA Star statement is as follows:

"On the 34th anniversary of the beginning of our Resistance, which raised hope and courage in the hearts of millions, we commemorate, with deep respect and gratitude, our legendary commander and comrade Egîd, as well as all those who died for the revolutionary struggle. On this day, we congratulate the People's Leader Rebêr Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], our peoples and all those involved in the resistance for freedom.

The revolution of August 15 changed the course of the history of the Kurdish people and gave them courage and confidence. At a time when no one dared to call Kurdistan by its name, the first bullet was fired for the country's liberation struggle. When the first shot was fired against oppression and colonialism on August 15, it marked the beginning of a major act of retribution. Under the leadership of Commander Egîd, our triumphant combat reality was initiated. At the same time, August 15 created self-confidence and independent willpower among the population, thus forming the basis of self-defense awareness. The message that the Kurdish people are no longer defenseless was given to the sovereigns.

The inhuman repression by the fascist Turkish regime in the 1980s left deep traces on the memory of society. By contrast, the landmark resistance of the PKK cadres in the dungeon of Amed [the Turkish military prison known for brutal torture] has created a belief in a free life. On August 15, the spirit of freedom united with victory. Today this spirit leads a fight against fascism in all four parts of Kurdistan. It is the spirit of free human in the person of Commander Egîd that resists against the AKP-MHP fascism whose barbarism and brutality in Kurdistan knows no bounds.

This spirit of resurrection, which has become a world view with the values ​​that it has produced, must find life everywhere and in every sphere. Those who believe in a free and democratic life and feel responsible for the fight against fascism, oppression and cruelty should participate in the common resistance. Any struggle, united in one heart, will destroy fascism and can make democratic life a reality.

The August 15 lunge, marking the first step towards democratic autonomy in Kurdistan, was also the first step towards a common and confederal life for the peoples of Turkey and the Middle East. It is indeed possible to enhance this and make it into an ultimate reality. No dictatorial regime can survive in the face of the synergy created by the unity and collective interaction of women, young people, oppressed groups and those who demand democracy. It's condemned to be destroyed. In this sense, we call everyone to join our fight with the spirit of Commander Egid.

As the forces of the YJA Star, we will continue our struggle with the philosophy of a free life created by our Leader and the battle spirit of comrade Egid. Just as the glorious resistance in the dungeon of Amed became an act of revenge on 15 August 1984 and developed into a historical account with the enemies of the Kurdish people, the resistance growing around Imrali will crown the construction of a democratic and free life with victory. We, the defense forces of women, give our word to hoist the flag of victory we inherited from our comrades Delal Amed, Egid, Hêlîn, Berçem, Azê, Roza and Jinda and once again congratulate our Chairman Apo, all resisting women, our people, the democratic humanity and the peoples of the Middle East on the anniversary of the beginning of our struggle."