Women and Defense workshop kicks off in Rojava

The Women and Defense workshop with the motto “Women's Genuine Power is the Security of a Free Society” kicked of in Kobanê with the participation of 16 military powers and 160 delegates from across the Middle East.

North Syria Democratic Federation Executive Council Co-president Foza Yusif, TEV-DEM Kobanê Co-president Eyshe Efendi, Syrian Democratic Council Co-president İlham Ehmed, Rojava Autonomous Administration Coordination member Berivan Hesen, Kobanê Executive Council Co-president Fayize Ebde, Kongreya Star Spokesperson Evin Siwed, Autonomous Administration representatives and many other guests are attending the Women and Defense workshop held in Kobanê.

Organizations such as Civilian Defense Forces - Women (HPC-JIN), Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), TKP/M, Women's Freedom Force, MLKP, Bêtnehrên Woman Forces, Anti-Terror Units, Shengal Women's Units (YJŞ), YPJ, HPJ, Shehba Women's Defense Forces and Manbij Military Council are also participating in the workshop.

The workshop will last for 2 days and include 5 sessions. The impact of war on women and children in the Middle East will be debated during the first session. The second session will be on women's self-defense against the patriarchal mentality and the state system. The role of women in self-defense will be discussed during the third session. The fourth session will be on women's military forces, and the formation of a national women's military force will be debated during the fifth session.

North Syria Federation Executive Council Co-president Foza Yusif addressed the participants before the session begin, and emphasized the role of women in defense and leading the society as she said “Women have proved themselves in war and self-defense areas. The YPJ has exposed the capitalist system in Rojava and proved that women have the power to defeat capitalism. Women's resistance in Rojava has been a hope for all women that are tortured by the system of power. It has also become the hope of creating a new society through realizing the legacy of women in Mesopotamian lands”
Rojava Democratic Autonomy Coordination member Berivan Hesen spoke after Foza Yusif, and described the workshop as a historic step for women. Hesen said “Everyone recognized women's power during the YPJ Kobanê resistance. YPJ played a major role particularly militarily.”

The first session is reported to begin after the screening of a short documentary on women's military organizations.