Two guerrillas martyred in June buried after 4 months

Two of the four guerrillas who were martyred in Amed in June, have been buried.

HPG guerrillas İbrahim Çelik (Mahir Andok), Yusuf Kayran (Zinar Akro), Abdullah Turhan (Reber Amed) and Ömer Demir (Serhildan Mazi) lost their lives in aerial bombardments of the Turkish army in the rural area of ​​the Bayırlı village in Amed’s (Diyarbakır) Lice district on June 3.

In the first place, bodies of the four guerrillas were left in the military operation zone for over a month. During this process, families were denied permission to go to area where the bodies had been left in order to retrieve them. The quickly deteriorating bodies could finally be retrieved by the families after 44 days.

Bodies of the guerrillas were later handed over to Turkish officials, then transferred to Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital in Amed for autopsy procedures. After families gave blood sample for DNA test, the bodies were sent to Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute. Two days ago, Turkish officials called the families of the guerrillas to tell them that the bodies have been identified. The bodies were transported from Istanbul back to Amed on Sunday.

Yusuf Kayran (Zinar Akro) and Ömer Demir (Serhildan Mazi) have been buried at the Yeniköy Cemetery in Amed on Monday. The funeral under police blockade took place with the participation of family members of the two guerrillas and hundreds of people.