Turkish bombing starts fire in Lis Mountain in Amed countryside

Fires started in the forest areas in the Lis Mountain in Kulp due to Turkish army bombings. Soldiers don’t allow anybody to intervene.

The Lis Mountain in the rural areas of Amed’s Kulp district is being bombed in a military operation.

The Bira Zeyna, Temira (Demirli), Çukurca (Çirik) and Bayır (Dinar) villages around the mountain have been surrounded for days, and last night UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles) and Kobra type helicopters started to bomb the region.

Forest fires have started in the mountain and the surrounding villages since yesterday due to the bombing. Soldiers are not allowing any intervention on the fires and have surrounded the villages due to the operation.

Bira Zeyna residents took one fire under control with their own means by late evening yesterday, but the fires have spread widely due to no intervention and the military blockade.

Meanwhile, 5 Kobra type helicopters bombed the area for two hours starting at 01:00 last night, and the fire spread to the Lis Mountain valley. The fire is spreading still.