Turkey targets civilians in South Kurdistan again

The Turkish regime’s genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people continue in various parts of Kurdistan. Three civilians targeted by a Turkish aerial attack 5 days ago, haven’t been heard from since.

According to local sources, Turkish fighter jets targeted three civilians in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq on December 7. The civilians, Muhsin Hacî, Sefer Selîm and Hesen Sadiq, were on their way to their cultivated land in the village of Zêwe. The three men from the Nêrwehi tribe come from the town of Derelok in Amadiya city.

Witnesses say they heard screams after the bombardment which was followed by another in a short while. They haven’t heard from the three men since that day.

Local people tried to go to the scene but couldn’t move in the area due to the continued activity of recainnaisance aircraft and fighter jets.