The story of guerrilla Alişêr Tolhıldan

Alişêr Tolhıldan wanted to bring the PKK struggle and the hope of the oppressed peoples to the top.

One of the protagonists in the history of Kurdistan' serhildans (uprisings) and resistance is Battal Bayar, codenamed Alişêr Tolhildan, born in 1977 in Malatya.

By reading the Dersim and Koçgiri rebellion correctly, he put in practice what he learned in the PKK shaping his personality accordingly. He carried out a breathtaking resistance.

He resisted in Tokat prison, without giving away any secret. Alişêr Tolhıldan came from the Alevi faith and challenged the colonialist and negationist forces. In the history of the PKK and as a freedom fighter, he wrote epics with his life, stance and wisdom.

Alişêr Tolhildan was influenced by Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan's life philosophy and paradigm. He was freed from Tokat prison in 2001 and went straight to the mountains of Kurdistan.

Alişêr Tolhildan said that before joining the PKK ranks in 2001, he had been influenced by Öcalan.
"I was impressed by the fact that the PKK as a national movement in Kurdistan history. I joined the ranks of freedom and struggle, having been greatly influenced by Öcalan and joined the ranks of freedom and struggle. I witnessed the guerrilla resistance in the mountains of Kurdistan and understood that our people was carrying our a resistance everywhere.The PKK movement also resisted in the past and became an actor in the region."

Alişêr Tolhildan tried to step up the guerrilla struggle in the mountains of Kurdistan and against all difficulties. He planted the seeds of freedom by making efforts in all areas of life.

Known for his humble personality, he buried his name in the country of the sun. Alişêr Tolhildan resisted heroically in Kelareş and fell martyr on 10 June 2011.