TEV-DEM: PKK represents the dawn of a new day for our people

TEV-DEM celebrated the foundation anniversary of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), saying that, “The PKK is the dawn of a new day for our people.”

In a written statement, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) paid tribute to the foundation anniversary of the PKK.

“We are celebrating the 43rd foundation anniversary of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in the person of PKK commanders, especially Abdullah Öcalan, all guerrillas, jailed friends and families of martyrs. We are also celebrating the people of Kurdistan and all pro-freedom peoples,” the statement said.


The statement continued as follows:

“The PKK was established to lay the foundations of the scientific principles of a democratic social revolution based on independent sources. This goal was developed thanks to research and strategies based on the intellectual and ideological struggle of Öcalan and his companions.

As the dawn of a new day for our people, the PKK marked the beginning of a significant process of change that restored faith and hope among all parts of Kurdish society. Moreover, it organized a Kurdish movement and transformed it into a national liberation revolution in Kurdistan led by women and youth. The resistance of our friends in prisons, cities and on mountains to protect social and cultural values ​​from fascists and invaders resonated in the region and the world.

The history of the PKK is a unique one. The Kurdistan Freedom Movement faced many regional and international conspiracies. However, the Movement managed to maintain its resistance and supported the resistance and will of the Arab, Assyrian, Syriac and Armenian peoples. It has paid a huge price to support the resistance of the peoples of Shengal and north-eastern Syria.

We praise the PKK's resistance and its humanist and national stance. We hail the Kurdish people and all pro-freedom peoples in the region, who contributed to the campaign to secure the physical freedom of Öcalan and to remove the PKK from the 'terror list'.”