TEV-DEM calls for action against Turkish state's massacres and attacks

TEV-DEM strongly condemned the Turkish state's massacre of 17 people from Northern Syria on the border, and called on international circles to break their silence on Turkish state's attacks.

Rojava's Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) Executive Board issued a statement on the Turkish state's massacres against Kurdish, Syriac, Assyrian, Arab and Turkmen people from Northern Syria.

The statement called attention to the ongoing barbaric attacks of the occupant Turkish state targeting the peoples of Northern Syria, saying: “AKP/Erdoğan dictator regime is attacking not only the Kurds but all the peoples and faith groups in Northern Syrian lands as well. The enmity of the AKP is essentially aimed at the free living of democratic societies and democratization of Syria, for which reason it utters threat and commits savagery against Northern Syria at every opportunity. Alongside its occupant forces, AKP is both supporting the gang groups such as Al-Nusra and FSA and using these in an immoral manner.

Turkish state gangs have occupied Jarablus together with Al-Nusra and FSA groups although this has no place in the international law. All the streets, roads and houses in Jarablus have been covered with Erdoğan's posters and Turkish flags today. The Erdoğan/AKP mindset takes its roots from the occupant Ottomans and it aims to realize an entire occupation plan on the basis of a Turkish Islam synthesis. Erdoğan sees himself as the fifth caliph and the living areas of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac and Turkmen societies as Ottoman provinces. For this reason, he intervenes all the problems in Syria in an occupant manner and wants to put his dirty implementations into practice in the region."

TEV-DEM recalled that the Turkish state has savagely killed 17 Arab civilians, most of them being women and children, and injured many others in Girê Spî, Tirbespî and Serêkanîyê during the past days, and strongly condemned this massacre, adding: "Above all things, the massacred civilians were residents of Northern Syria. This massacre is inhumane and it doesn't matter whom it targeted; whether Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac or Turkmen people. We promise all the peoples and communities in Northern Syria that we will not allow the occupant Turkish state to realize its dirty goals. With this massacre, the Turkish state gives the message that it will target those who do not bow to its repression and atrocity. Yet, the Turkish state should know that it will not be able to break the democratic will we have built in Northern Syria, nor the co-existence of the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac and Turkmen peoples."

TEV-DEM stressed that Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac and Turkmen peoples have the right to defend themselves against the attacks of the Turkish state, and that no attack will go unanswered. TEV-DEM also called on the peoples in Northern Syria to be cautious against the attacks and ill-intentioned attempts of the Turkish state.

TEV-DEM ended its statement by calling upon the United Nations and international political authorities to not remain silent on the Turkish state's attacks, and to call the Turkish state to account for these attacks.