Police delude disabled man into conspiring against 35 HDP members

35 HDP members were charged over a statement signed at the Kozluk Police Department by a visually disabled man named Hasan Yalçın, who was conspired by the police in custody.

While political genocide operations against Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) executives and members continue without ceasing, an incident has just revealed how the police detained HDP members with a conspiracy. The incident involves visually disabled Hasan Yalçın who was detained by the police and made to sign a statement which was not written by him. Based on this statement, Turkish police detained 35 people, including Kozluk Municipality co-mayor Nazime Avcı.

According to the news reported by the Mesopotamia Agency (MA), the incident started when 14-year-old S.Y., who was exposed to pressure and threats from the police, was forced to testify about her visually disabled father, Hasan Yalçın in the Kozluk district of Batman province. As a result of pressure and threats, S.Y. went to Kozluk District Police Department in August 2020 and made statements against her father.


Father Hasan Yalçın was detained in a police raid on his home upon his daughter's statements. Yalçın was taken to the District Police Department and was detained for 4 days. The police did not explain his rights to Yalçın, who was detained for the first time in his life, and took his testimony without a lawyer. Later, he was asked to sign some documents before their contents were read to him. Yalçın signed these papers, which he thought was his statement. The man, who was then referred to court on charges of "aiding and abetting a terrorist organization" and "spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization", was given house arrest.

After this incident, 35 people, including Kozluk Municipality co-mayor Nazime Avcı, were detained in an operation carried out in the district last September. The detainees were later released.


Yalçın, who was under house arrest unaware of the events, learned that this operation was carried out basing on his statements after some of those released called him. Speaking about the incident, Yalçın said that the statement he signed at the Police Station was not read to him and he did not even know what he signed.