PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families asks for the promised ‘documents’

The PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families staged their weekly demonstration for PKK member Yasin Bulut (Şukri Serhed) who was assassinated in Sulaymaniyah in mid-September. The committee urged the authorities to probe into the case and reveal the murderers.

Şükrü Serhed (Yasin Bulut), a member of the PKK Martyrs’ Families Committee, was assassinated in the Sulaymaniyah city in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on 17 September 2021. The assassination is suspected to have been perpetrated by the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT).

The PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families on Friday organized a demonstration, as it did last week, in the Çarçira neighbourhood where the assassination took place. The activists demand that perpetrators be found and prosecuted.

The committee announced that they would gather at the same scene every week until the murderers are found and exposed.

The committee said, “The Asayish (Public Security Forces) announced that they possessed some documents containing information on murderers, vowing to make these documents public within the shortest time. The documents have not been unclosed yet, raising concerns. We are of the opinion that the documents are meant to disappear.”

The activists ended their protest by laying roses at the scene where Şükrü Serhed was martyred.

Who was Yasin Bulut?

Yasin Bulut (Şükrü Serhat) was born in 1957 in the province Kars. In 1978, he joined the newly founded PKK. He was arrested after the military coup of September 12, 1980. He spent his prison years with numerous other PKK cadres in the notorious dungeon of Diyarbakir, the "Hell of Amed." After his release in 1991, he took to the mountains. For the last 15 years, he has been an active member of the PKK Solidarity Committee with the Families of Martyrs. The committee has vowed retaliation for the murder of Yasin Bulut, stating, "The Turkish state wants to eliminate the Kurdish freedom movement because it considers it an obstacle to its colonialist goals."

PKK: Beginning of a Series of Political Assassinations

The PKK's Foreign Relations Committee also strongly condemned the deadly attack on Yasin Bulut, calling it a "brutal massacre." "Our friend Yasin Bulut was murdered from behind in a vile way. This attack is not only against us, but against the entire population of the South and the stability in Sulaymaniyah," it said in a statement on September 17.

The fact that this murder occurred only one day after the attempted killing of Ferhat Barış Kondu, who fled Turkey, in Sulaymaniyah points to a "series of political murders" initiated by the "fascist Erdoğan government" and the Turkish intelligence service MIT, said the PKK and demanded an immediate statement and security-related measures from the regional government in Hewlêr (Erbil) and the security authorities in Sulaymaniyah.

Due to the freedom of movement granted to the MIT in Southern Kurdistan, a "perpetual state terror" prevails in the region, the PKK Committee said and added, "Massacres of our people by the Turkish state also occur in all other parts of Kurdistan. This fact makes it imperative for all Kurds to take a united stand and act. The perpetrators must be apprehended immediately and their identities revealed. If this does not happen, the murderers will be encouraged to commit further massacres."