Maxmur resident Metin Adogit falls a martyr in a KDP jail in Hewlêr

The people in Maxmur Martyr Rüstem Cudi Camp have been living under embargo and cannot leave the camp since 17 July 2019.

Since then, the KDP has prevented ill residents, as well as hundreds of workers, from passing to other cities in Hewlêr and Bashur. Many people working for their livelihoods in Hewler were arrested by the KDP and are still held in prison.

Visit with families banned

Metin Adogit (Dawud), 45, who lived in the camp, died in a KDP prison in Hewlêr.

Metin Adogit was working to support his family in Hewlêr and was detained and arrested by Hewlêr security forces on 7 November 2020.

Since the day he was arrested, family members were denied permission to visit him and had no information about him. Adogit's lawyer went to the Hewlêr public security forces office on Tuesday to get information and was told that Metin Dawud had died of a heart attack.

Metin Adogit had 5 children, one fell a martyr in the HPG ranks.

The remains of Metin Adogit are expected to be sent to Erbax, in Van.