Maxmur People's Assembly: KDP is responsible for suspicious deaths

The Democratic People's Assembly of the Maxmur Refugee Camp revealed that two camp residents suspiciously lost their lives in detention, holding the KDP responsible for these deaths.

The Maxmur Democratic People's Assembly held a press release regarding Metin Adugit and Haci Heyder Derhini, who lost their lives under suspicious circumstances. The Assembly condemned the deaths in prison and custody.

The press release read out by the Co-Chair of the Assembly, Heci Kaçan remarked that threats and crackdown against the camp have increased.

Kaçan recalled that dozens of workers and students, including young women, have been detained by the KDP for a long time in recent months.


Kaçan described this approach towards the camp residents as "immoral" and said:

“About two months ago, Haci Heyder Derhini was released after 54 days in prison, with worsening health. Before his arrest, he was in good health and was not sick. He died of sudden illness a week after being released. According to what doctors and Heci Heyder told before his death, he was given poison in prison and left as such.

Likewise, our citizen named Metin Adugit was detained by the KDP security in Hewler (Erbil) on November 7, 2020, and it was revealed that he died of a heart attack suspiciously on November 10, 2020 three days later."

Stating that the news of Adugit's death was reported to his wife and children two months later, Kaçan said, "This is an approach that is far from morality, devoid of human conscience and has no example in any international law."

Defining this situation as embarrassing also for the Kurdistan Parliament Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Organizations, the Red Cross and the United Nations, Kaçan emphasized that: “Although the KDP is responsible for the deaths of these citizens, the above-mentioned forces also have responsibility for these suspicious deaths.”

The People's Assembly called for a fair, impartial and transparent investigation and the trial of those responsible for the deaths. The People's Assembly also called upon the UN and local forces to "stop" the KDP's inhumane behavior and the repression of camp residents.