Kurdish politician Adel Murad laid to rest

PUK Central Committee Member Adel Murad has been laid to rest in Sulaymaniyah.

PUK Central Committee Member Adel Murad had lost his life in Germany on May 18, and his body has been brought to Sulaymaniyah this morning. A ceremony was held in the Sulaymaniyah Airport and the body was laid to rest in Girê Selim Beg.

Adel Murad’s relatives, Kurdistan Regional Deputy Prime Minister Kubat Talabani, Iraqi President Fuad Masum, representatives from political parties and a large crowd of people participated in the ceremony.

A condolence room will be set up in the Ehmed Heci Eli Mosque in Sulaymaniyah on Friday.


Adel Murad was born on December 11, 1949 in Baghdad, and was a politician who actively participated in the founding of the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan). Murad was a Peshmerga for years, and has served in various diplomatic and political posts. He also actively supported the Kurdistan National Congress KNK’s National Unity efforts. Murad had participated in the commission for the Iraqi Constitution that went into effect in 2005 after US intervention in Iraq.