KNK conference establishes cornerstones of a common Kurdish strategy

At an online conference of the KNK, cornerstones for an overarching Kurdish strategy against the attacks of the Turkish state have emerged.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) held an online meeting on Saturday to establish a common stance on the Turkish state's occupation attacks. The meeting was attended by representatives of parties and organizations from all four parts of Kurdistan, as well as intellectuals, artists and journalists. In total, more than 200 people from Hewlêr, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Kobanê, Qamishlo and other Kurdish cities, as well as from Europe, the US and Russia, took part in the online conference. The discussion emphasized the urgent need to take a common Kurdish stance against Turkish expansionism. In the process, the cornerstones of such a stance crystallized, which will be published in detailed form in the coming days. Some of these cornerstones are as follows:

Common strategy

The Turkish attacks and extermination operations from Afrin to Serêkaniyê, from Shengal to Avashin are taking place within the framework of a concept and can only be effectively fought against through a common strategy.

Support for the resistance

The Turkish state is waging war with state-of-the-art weapons technology. The guerrillas must not be left alone in their resistance. The resistance must be supported worldwide with demonstrations and diplomatic initiatives.

Call to the US and EU

The PKK has been fighting alone against Turkish expansionism and is a Kurdish liberation movement. It must not be criminalized and does not belong on the "terror lists" of the US and the EU.

Common stance

Different ideologies and affiliation with different parties must not be an obstacle to a common stance against the Turkish state. Just as the Kurdish people stood united for Kobanê in 2014, a similar stance today falls under national responsibility.

No one should remain silent

The silence of some forces from South Kurdistan regarding the current attacks must be criticized. Delegations should be formed to talk to these silent forces and especially to the government. It should not be forgotten that these silent circles will be the first target if the Turkish attacks are successful.

Speaking with one voice

If the Kurdish people protest with one voice against the attacks of the Turkish state, the international powers will also have to break their silence. With one voice, the Kurds will be heard better around the world. There must be a public relations campaign to inform the global media about the target of the Turkish attacks.

The goal of the Turkish state

The Turkish state wants to use the centenary of the Lausanne Treaty for a transformation of the Middle East and on this occasion to destroy all the rights won by the Kurdish people. As at the beginning of the last century, the Turkish state now wants to commit genocide against the Kurds.

South Kurdistan is in danger

The assumption that the current invasion is only directed against the PKK represents political blindness. The achievements of the people of South Kurdistan are in great danger. The attacks on the guerrilla areas of Zap, Avashin and Metina are part of the plan that the Turkish state is pursuing against Shengal and Kirkuk.

Warning for East Kurdistan

There is a danger that the extermination concept currently being implemented in the north, south and west of Kurdistan will spread to the east. Therefore, it is an urgent necessity to unite the struggles in all four parts of Kurdistan.