Kurds gather for a common stance against occupation attacks in South Kurdistan

KNK will organize a workshop against Turkish invasion attacks in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on May 15.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) announced that it will organize a workshop on May 15 to evaluate the large-scale invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state on the Metina, Zap and Avashin regions of South Kurdistan on April 24.

The KNK Executive Council said that “These massive attacks target not only the HPG (People’s Defence Forces) but also all the gains of the Kurds and aims at the occupation of South Kurdistan as a whole. April 24 is the anniversary of the genocide against the Armenian people. It is no coincidence that the latest military operation was initiated on the anniversary of the genocide. The message it gives is a Kurdish genocide."

The KNK stated that they would bring together representatives of Kurdish parties, organizations and institutions as well as intellectuals, academics, writers, journalists, artists, religious representatives and other Kurdish communities in Kurdistan and abroad in order to shape a "national attitude" against the attacks and occupation.

The workshop will start via Zoom on May 15 at 10.00 European time and at 11.00 Kurdistan time. The workshop will continue until 20.30.

The KNK Executive Council called for participation in the online conference titled "Workshop on national attitude against Turkish state occupation".


Speaking to ANF about the workshop, KNK Executive Council Member Zübeyir Aydar said, "Our goal is to warn the Kurdistan and the world public opinion against these attacks of Turkey."

"It is an all-out genocide and annihilation attack," he added.

"The ruling clique in Turkey is an Enverist clique. It is no coincidence that the latest military operation was launched on the anniversary of the decision of the Committee of Union and Progress to subject Armenians, Assyrian-Syriacs and Greeks to genocide 106 years ago. It is a message of genocide," Aydar noted.

“They attack to destroy Kurdish gains. They aim to eliminate anything which is related to Kurdishness, ” he remarked.

Stating that the Turkish state built itself on the extermination of other peoples, Aydar pointed out that the Turkish state now wants to do the same thing by "exterminating the Kurds".


“We invited Kurds from all professions. Today is the time to unite against the enemy. It is time to stop its genocidal attacks. We can get results if we act together. We call on all the people of Kurdistan to take a stand against persecution. This is our goal,” Aydar said.


Aydar drew attention to the situation in Palestine and the reactions of the Islamic world saying, “There were also incidents in Palestine on the eve of Ramadan Bayram. There is also persecution there. We are against persecution all over the world and condemn the oppressors. Turkey and the Islamic world do not realize the persecution in Kurdistan. Their reaction to Palestine persecution is also false. We would like to bring this to the attention of the world public opinion and the Islamic world. The true face of AKP-MHP fascism must be seen. While it is talking about solidarity with the Palestinian people there, it collaborates with Israel secretly. It is hypocrisy to condemn the persecution in Palestine without condemning genocide in Kurdistan."