Kurdish political parties in North-East Syria answer KNK's call

Political parties in North and East Syria responded positively to a call for conference announced by the KNK to protest the recent attacks of the Turkish state in southern Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) announced that it will organize a workshop on May 15 to evaluate the large-scale invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state on the Metina, Zap and Avashin regions of South Kurdistan on April 24. KNK will bring together representatives of Kurdish parties, organizations and institutions as well as intellectuals, academics, writers, journalists, artists, religious representatives and other Kurdish communities in Kurdistan and abroad in order to shape a "national attitude" against the attacks and occupation. The workshop will start via Zoom on May 15 at 10.00 European time and at 11.00 Kurdistan time. It will continue until 20.30.

The Parties for Kurdish National Unity (PYNK) in North-East Syria, which consists of 25 political parties, was also invited to the conference.


Democratic Union Party (PYD) co-presidency council member Sema Bekdaş said that the KNK invited them to the conference, and they will attend. Bekdaş urged the Kurds to unite against the Turkish state attacking Bashur (South), Bakur (North) and Rojava (West) Kurdistan. “The Turkish state has arrested HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) members who supported Kobane resistance against the ISIS gangs in Turkey. It launched an invasion attempt against the Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan. There are also serious attacks on North and East Syria. Artillery attacks are carried out every day. Therefore, the Kurds should be in unity against the Turkish state,” she said and stressed that the conference is important for the future of the Kurdish unity.


Kurdistan Green Party chair Lokman Ehmê said that that all political parties should answer the call of the KNK. “The Turkish state does not target only one party. It attacks all the Kurds and wants to commit genocide. It first targeted the HPG (People’s Defense Forces), the defender of the Kurdish people. But as long as there are guerrillas, the attacks of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people will fail. All Kurdish people should support the HPG. In this sense, they answer the call of the KNK.”

Kurdish Democratic and Peace Party co-chair Telal Mihemed stated that the KNK also invited them to the conference and they will attend it.